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Course Schedule

Tuesday        10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fee (inc GST)

$55 / session

$500 / 10 sessions (saved $50)

Art Materials​ Included

Kisdoo Art Studio is open to adults at any age who are interested in exploring their art journey in spare time. We offer various art classes including: 

  • drawing;

  • acrylic painting;

  • watercolour painting;

  • Chinese painting; 

  • mix media, and;

  • more...


In Kisdoo Art Studio, adult students can choose different art classes to explore a wide variety of drawing and painting skills. Adult students who have gathered sophistical techniques and been interested in a specific area (for example, acrylic or watercolour painting) can choose to advance classes in that area to continue improving their drawing and painting skills.

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