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I always believe drawing and painting are magic if you have a pen in your hand. It colours our lives – not just in white and black.


When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming an art teacher and strongly believed I would get into the education industry. During my university, I was lucky enough to work for a local art studio in China to teach kids and teens painting. After moving to Australia, I graduated from RMIT and started my professional career as a fashion and production manager in Australia.


I was thinking about to explore a new career opportunity outside the fashion industry after having my daughter. I then spent most of my spare time with my daughter – painting and making little handcrafts with her. I was overwhelmingly satisfied with this experience, and my heart kept asking “why not become an art teacher and bring fun to more kids?


In 2014, I started working as a teacher in a Melbourne art school and also tried to manage my workshop to teach kids painting, drawing and design. I enjoyed working with different kids and teenagers to help them discover their artistic potential. I loved to learn from my students, and in particular enjoyed listening to them talking about their stories – where the inspirations came from and how they endeavoured to make their masterpieces. This enjoyable experience encouraged me to think about building an art studio and learning centre. In 2017, I opened my art studio and learning centre in Wheelers Hill, Victoria, to offer students a better place for exploring their art journeys.


I believe my art studio and learning centre is a relaxing and interesting space for students to learn art and to discover their artistic potential.

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